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How to Get Clients Using
Speaking -

Any Expert, Service Provider, or Business Owner Can Get Build an Email List and Get New Clients Thorugh Speaking In Person of On Webinars In As Little As 30-Days

Here's What You Get:

Module 1: Getting Started:
(Value $297)

  • Module 1.1: Why Pro Bono Speaking Works
  • Module 1.2: Know Your Audience
  • Module 1.3: Dealing with Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Module 1.4: Your Speech Topic, Sexy Title, and Creating Content
  • Plus Removing the Fear Bonus Bundle!

Module 3: Intro, Conclusions, & Visual Aids
(Value $297)

  • Module 3.1: Every Intro Needs These 5 Parts
  • Module 3.2: Winning Ways to Start Your Speech
  • Module 3.3: Your Offers - Both Free and Paid
  • Module 3.4: Handouts, Order Forms & More
  • Module 3.5: No More Death By PowerPoint
  • Module 3.6: Props and Interactive Fun

Module 5: Getting on Webinars & Virtual Stages
(Value $297)

  • Module 5.1: Where to Find Speaking Gigs Online
  • Module 5.2: How to Change Your Speech for Online Audiences
  • Module 5.3: Delivering Your "Speech" As an Interview or Podcast Guest
  • Module 5.4: Technical Tools for Online Speaking Success
  • Module 5.5: Social Media & Speaking Secrets

BONUSES! (Value $197)

You'll get access to some extra goodies that will make your life easier:

  • Master Speaker Pro Pack:
    • MY own slides and speech outline
    • MY exact handouts and order forms
    • A blank opt-in form template
    • 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking Infographic
  • BEWARE - Pitfalls and Scams Report
  • Removing the Fear Bonus Bundle Includes -
    • Visualization Meditation mp3
    • Get Over It - Fear of Speaking Slide Deck
    • Expert's Guide to Getting Over Your Fear of Speaking Report

Module 2: Getting
Organized (Value $297)

  • Module 2.1: Organizing Option 1 - Hard Hitting
  • Module 2.2: Organizing Option 2 - Power of Positive
  • Module 2.3: How to Choose What's Best
  • Module 2.4: What Are You Pointing To
  • Module 2.5: Persuasive Appeals
  • Module 2.6: Outlining & Customizing

Module 4: Getting On Live Stages (Value $297)

  • Module 4.1: 5 Places to Get Booked Locally
  • Module 4.2: Step-By-Step Process to Getting Booked
  • Module 4.3: Presentation Planning Checklist
  • Module 4.4: How to Be the Best Speaker They Ever Worked With

Module 6: Making More Moola (Value $297)

  • Module 6.1: After The Speech - Follow Up Techniques That Pay, And Pay, And Pay...
  • Module 6.2: Getting Stellar Evaluations & Testimonials for Future Cash
  • Module 6.3: Getting Asked Back
  • Module 6.4: Ready, Set, GO!

Private Facebook Group (Value: Priceless)

It helps to know you're going through this with others who are just like you. You'll have a place to ask questions, get opinions on your sexy title, and celebrate each other's successes, and share so much more with our community of Signature Speakers.

Weekly Q/A - 4 Weeks (Value $500)

Each week, I'll be there with you, answering your questions and helping you every step of the way. You get the content released to you in plenty of time to review it and ask what you need help with.

“Felicia made a brilliant sugestion that led to me getting 60 new paying clients with my webinar! Many thanks for your
insight and support.”

Cindy Schulson
Coaching & Marketing Expert

Your Investment: $997

Copyright © 2017 Felicia J. Slattery

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